Best Android Browsers with Built-in VPN to Unblock Any Website

Must installed Android browsers with integrated VPN to access censored or blocked website. You don’t have to install any VPN app separately.

Browser with VPN

Browser with VPN

Internet censorship prevents you from accessing blocked websites that commonly categorized as dangerous or serve an inappropriate content. Moreover, nowadays many government in particular countries have strict regulation in filtering website.

If you want to get your right to access information back, VPN is the best answer. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, it allows you to unblock any censored website. 

However, VPN apps on play store tend to have slow and unstable connection, well except you pay for it (premium membership).

The best solution for this problem is, by installing Android browser with integrated VPN. You hear it right. Browser with built-in VPN in it. Its free, faster, and more secure.

Here are best browsers for you that offer free integrated VPN for your android:

1. TOR Browser for Android

Tor Browser for Android developed as part of Tor Project. The well known team for creating the popular TOR browser in various platform with strongest tool for privacy protection.

TOR browser features

TOR browser with vpn features

TOR browser for Android features:

Integrated VPN

TOR uses its own server located in several country as VPN. With this, you can access blocked website and get rid of any censorship.

Its free

No penny spent, no membership required. Tor is free

Block ads trackers

No ads cookie stored in TOR browser. This feature prevents your visited website to track your history and interest, that commonly used to serve related ads.

Multi Layer Encryption

Optional settings available for how much protection needed. Low-Mid-High, the highest protection uses multi layer protection.

Download TOR Browser for Android

Download from Playstore

2. Opera Browser for Android

Opera Browser for Android offers you free fast built-in VPN. Opera VPN allows you to access any blocked, censored websites.

Unlike TOR, Opera browser turns off its VPN by default. You can turn it ON by simply accessing private mode – setting then ready to surf.

Opera Browser with VPN

Opera Browser with VPN

Opera Browser for Android Features:

Free, unlimited and built-in VPN

Offer integrated VPN to access any blocked website, provide privacy protection and security. Avoid visited website to identify your location and information.

Block Ads and fast surfing

Opera allows you to block unwanted ads. Hence, you will get faster surfing.

Opera browser is Free

No membership, no sign in needed. You can use it right away after download

Download Opera Browser for Android

Download from Playstore


TOR and Opera browser for Android is the best browser with built-in VPN available. You can access any blocked website by simply using those browsers without installing additional VPN app. By simply turn ON and OFF the setting and you good to go.

Both offers you free, unlimited and fast VPN servers. No sign in and membership required.

If you want to add and suggest another Android browser with integrated VPN, please let me know in the comment section down below.

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