Best Free Android Games in 2020

Here are the best most popular free Android games for you in 2020 including review, pros, and cons. A list of worth playing games to keep you entertained on your mobile phone.

Confused to chose what game to install on your android phone? Then you come to the right place. Here I ranked mixed category games including First Person Shooter, Role Playing Game, Moba, Racing, Puzzles etc.

I include some screenshots and review for each game below. Here we go

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Best Android First Person Shooter Category

• Call of Duty Mobile

Review: Call of Duty Mobile

Multi player first person shooter game with various mode to play. 100 players Battle Royale to survive and become the last standing. The challenging 5v5 death match available for team player and strategic sniper vs sniper battle.

Call of duty mobile offers you a competitive and fair multiplayer game. It has ranked mode and clan feature for you to create your own team.

Rated 4.6 by 6,948,594 users in Play store and downloaded by more than 50 millions users. Call of Duty Mobile by Activision surely become one of the best 1st person shooter game around.

Call of Duty Mobile Pros:

  • Free to play and “non-pay to win” game. Its fair for all users.
  • Superb hi-quality graphic and complexity of 3D design
  • HD audio quality and chat-text features
  • Offers various challenging mode to play and various maps with different terrain for battlefield

Call of Duty Mobile Cons:

  • More suitable for hi-end android phone
  • In game ads for buying premium skins etc
  • low ping/ fast internet needed

Download Call of Duty Mobile from Play store


• PUBG Mobile Lite (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)

Review: PUBG

You are among 60 players on the battlefield within 4 squares miles island. Once dropped by parachute, you have to land and scavenge for you own weapons, vehicles and items while battling out in shrinking zone to be the last standing player.

This first person shooter game brought battle royal concept where you can play solo or with your team mate, and do whatever it takes to survive.

PUBG developed by PUBG Corporation, Krafton, Tencent Games, Xbox Game Studios. Using unreal engine 4, they offers you excellent realistic graphic and jaw dropping visual experience.

In Play store, the download number has reached more than 50 millions users and growing. Without a doubt, PUBG is also one of the most played first person shooter game world wide.

PUBG Pros:

  • Excellent graphic design
  • Hi quality sound HD audio
  • Optional first person or third person view
  • Fair gaming experience
  • Addictive and challenging multiplayer with battle royal concept
  • Various optional strategy to win the game
  • Easy to master event for beginner

PUBG Cons:

  • Need accurate aiming

Download PUBG Mobile Lite from Play Store


Best Android Role Playing Game Category

• Black Desert Mobile (BDM)

Review: Black Desert Mobile

A massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) for Android by Pearl Abyss developer. An open world setting with endless amount of content to create your own world.

5 class available for you to play with unique combat skill to explore the world with various challenging missions. Warrior, ranger, giant and valkyrie, each has superb role with its own abilities in fighting.

In Black Desert mobile, you can easily customize your own character according your preference to express yourself. A high degree of freedom to create your own avatar.

BDM installed by more than 5 millions user from 150 countries around the world. It has 4.4 point review from 199.775 users on Play Store.

Comments for Black Desert Mobile:

“Finally, An Actual Open-World For Mobile” –TheGamer-
“The best mobile MMO gameplay” –
“A true MMO experience” –GamePress-
“Prettiest fantasy MMOs on mobile” -VentureBeat-

Black Desert Mobile Pros:

  • Sophisticated open world graphic
  • Dynamic face-phase combat experience
  • Superb complexity of the world, missions and design
  • Character customization

Black Desert Mobile Cons:

  • Grinding and repeat killing in early game
  • High end mobile phone is more recommended
  • UI is harder for beginner
  • semi-pay to win game

Download Black Desert Mobile from Play Store


Best Android Moba Game Category

Moba stands for Multiplayer online battle arena, a sub-genre of real time strategy game where each player control single character in the arena generally consist of three lanes. Each lane leads to the opponent team main base, and your objective is to destroy it. Below is the example of map arena in MOBA game.

Map arena for MOBA

There many Moba genre games on the market, here is the list of best Moba game for Android in 2020

• Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legends Bang bang - Gameplay

Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Best and the most popular MOBA with 100 millions download on Play store. It has review point 4.4 from 16,642,694 total users.

Review: Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobil legends Bang Bang by Moonton offers you all kind of key features as the best MOBA mobile:

  • 5v5 Gameplay – Battle against real human opponent between your team consist of 5 player each. Fight along the lane to take down enemy base tower
  • Quick Matchmaking – Played by more than 100 millions users world wide, Mobile legend guarantees you to face real human opponent in a few seconds matchmaking.
  • All kinds of heroes –  You can choose varieties of heroes. More than 100 heroes available to pick.
  • Live stream feature – Mobile legend has a built-in live stream integrated. With simply turn on the setting, and you ready to broadcast your play.
  • Mobile Controls – Using virtual joystick, offers you an advantages in fast executing skill that need directions.
  • Graphic update – in 2020 Mobile legends updated its graphic detail with HD quality.

Download Mobile Legends Bang Bang from Play store


• Arena Of Valor (AOV)

AOV game Play

AOV with Ultra HD graphic

Review: Arena of Valor

Another popular 5v5 MOBA game for android known as the closest competitor for Mobile Legends. Although AOV user’s less than Mobile legends which mostly played in Asian region, Aov fans more widely spread around the globe such as from Europe and US.

AOV offers you better graphic quality than Mobile Legends. Unlike Mobile Legends, AOV gives you more sophisticated design with its superb graphic detail.

You can choose more than 100 heroes with each unique skill for combat. There are consist of 5 major roles of heroe; tank, marksman, fighter, assassin and mage.

AOV pros:

  • Ultra HD definition Battle arena
  • Unique design, skills and graphic detail for each hero
  • Global tournament held occasionally
  • Advanced AI skill in case of AFK
  • non-play-to-win
  • Balanced heroes and item for competitive tournament

AOV Cons:

  • More suitable for hi-end android
  • Less users than Mobile Legends
  • Slightly slower phase combat

Download AOV from Play store


Best Casual Android Game

• BrainOut – Can You Pass It?

Best casual game with series of tricky brain teasers. It challenges your mind and your logical thinking ability.

Brain Out questions

Brain Out – Can You Pass It?

This game consist of various puzzling questions that require you to think out of the box for the best solution. It demands your creative thinking and sometimes the most absurd answer is the most correct one.

You can share your score to your friends and compare them. To prove that you have IQ more than average person.

Installed by more than 50 millions users, with review point 4.5 stars in Play Store. Try it and you will get addicted in no time.

Download Brain Out – Can You Pass It? from Play Store


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• Worms – Voracious Snake

Worm Zone Game Play

Worm Zone

Installed by more than 50 millions users worldwide with 4.4 stars point review. Worm zone definitely one of the most popular casual game in 2020.

Control and grow your worm in an open worm zone arena. Battle and defeat other worms while eating food along your path.

Defeat another worm by making them collide with your body. Hunt and encircle them to earn point as mush as possible.

You can apply different strategies in this game, you can be “fighter,trickster”, or“builder”.

Worm Zone allows you to share your results to your social network and show them to your friends.

Download Worm Zone io from Play Store


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