5 Best Free Apps to Copy Text from Image or PDF

Here is the best 5 apps to convert image and protected PDF to editable text for Windows. Apps that offer you free capability to extract text from image file using Optical Character Recognition(OCR)

how OCR engine convert Image to text

OCR engine converts image to text

Having hard copy files from bunch of papers sometimes become nightmare for everyone. Especially when you need the text on it for further editing while you don’t have the soft copy file available.

Worry not! Since now you don’t have to re-type in the same old fashion again. With OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature in Windows, you can turn text from file image into editable text. Then paste it into any word editor such as Microsoft word.

Not limited to image file, these OCR apps also support PDF file. If you have protected PDF file which unable you to copy-paste, you can directly open it and extract the text.

So, if you are desperately need to convert text image/PDF into text, here are 5 best free OCR scanner apps for you.

5 Best apps to copy text from image or PDF

Note: If you already have the image file or PDF file on your PC, then you can directly open it using the apps. Otherwise you have to turn your hard copy into soft copy(image file) in order to extract the text.

This can be done by scanning your paper, or by simpler method; you can take a photo using your phone with maximum resolution of your document.

Once done and you have the image file copied to your Windows, we can advance further to use the app. Here we go:

1. gImageReader

gImageReader copy Image to text process

gImageReader copy Image to text

Simply powerful free image to text app available. gImageReader is able to recognize text accurately and process multiple image files then convert them into plain text.

gImageReader usage is very straight forward. By simply open your image files from your folder, clipboard or screenshot; just with one click, you will get your text in the output field. Furthermore, protected PDF files can also be processed by this app.

In case of miss spelling, gImagerReader has also included spellchecking for you.

Download gImageReader for Windows


2. FreeOCR for Windows

Copy text image to text-FreeOcr Windows

FreeOCR converting image to text

FreeOCR for Windows is another free app for Windows to scan text on image and then convert it into plain text. The image can be from various format such as .JPG .BMP .PNG etc. Also, FreeOCR can process multiple images at once as the input.

FreeOCR has friendly user interface. As you can see above, you can easily use FreeOCR by opening your image or PDF file, then start to convert it into plain text and copy-paste it to your favorite word editor for further editing.

Download FreeOCR for Windows


3. Capture2Text


Capture2Text allows you to use keyboard shortcut to select part of your screen that contain text then directly extract it into text. The result will be shown in a pop up editing windows and automatically saved on your clipboard.


  • Supports more than 90 languages
  • Easily customized keyboard shortcuts, output, settings etc
  • Text-to-speech and Google Translate support
  • Free and no installation required

Capture2Text is focused more on practical usage resulting a drawback that is only image displayed on the screen can be converted into plain text. Hence, I recommend you to use other apps above for processing multiple image files.

Download Capture2Text for Windows


4. Boxoft Free OCR

Boxoft Free OCR user interface

Boxoft Free OCR

Boxoft Free OCR is completely free software to help you extract text from all kinds of images. Just open your image file and with simple click, you will see the result.

Boxoft supports multiple languages such as; English, German, French,  Italian, etc. Utilized by various languages, allows this app to accurately predict the correct word as the result.

This software has a built in feature to control your connected scanner device. Hence, you can directly scan your document and then convert it into text.

Download Boxoft Free OCR for Windows


5. Easy Screen OCR

Easy Screen OCR

Easy Screen OCR

This app is similar to Capture2Text, with some additional feature. Easy Screen OCR offers you simple operation by using keyboard shortcut to select and capture your screen then convert it into text.

You can also drag and drop your image file than directly see the text result. The shortcut can be easily customized according to your preference.

Download Easy Screen OCR for Windows


Conclusion: Convert Image or PDF to Text

Turn you image file or PDF into editable text can’t be more easier with OCR apps. gImageReader, FreeOCR for Windows, Capture2Text, Boxoft Free OCR and Easy Screen OCR offer you this capability.

You can easily pick one of those according to your need and task. For multiple image or PDF file processing, you can choose gImageReader, FreeOCR or Boxoft. For simple and practical task such as screen capture, you can use Capture2Text or Easy Screen OCR.

That was 5 best free apps to convert image to text. If you have another suggested app, don’t hesitate to comment down below.

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