How to Delete YouTube History and Search on PC Windows/Android

YouTube History
YouTube History

Here is how to delete your YouTube history and search. You can manage it manually or automatically to prevent others to find out your previous watched videos.

YouTube automatically saves your history and record data of your watched videos. This feature allows YouTube algorithm to give related videos and suggestions that might interest you.

However, in particular occasions, you want your history to be deleted to prevent other to know what kind of videos you are interested. Especially when using home computer where the other members of family have access to it. Here is how:

Delete YouTube History and Search Manually

Using PC browser

Step1. Login to your YouTube account and click on History tab on the left side

Step2. Now, move to the right side panel, you will see options of type of history you are going to manage

Step3. Select Watch History then click Clear all watch history if you want to delete the whole video history

Youtube Clear all history
YouTube Clear all history

Step4. If you want to delete only one or more video, click the cross mark right to the video (see pic below)

YouTube remove one video hostory PC
YouTube remove one video history

Step5. Done. You can do the same for other type of history such as your Search, Comments, or event Live chat.

Remove YouTube History Using Android Phone (YouTube app on Phone)

If you want to erase history on your android YouTube app its easier to do using your browser (chrome).

Step1. Open your android chrome browser and visit

Step2. Login to YouTube using your account.

Step3. Now, hit Library menu at the bottom right corner.

Step4. Click Watch History then Clear All History

Clear all history YouTube mobile phone

Note than you can delete individual video by clicking three dot next to the video. A pop up menu will appear then select Remove from History. Same goes for the Search, select Search History tab at top, then you can proceed using the same method to remove.


By removing YouTube History you can prevent someone to look up what your interests. Just in case you forgot to logout, you can remove it using your PC browser or android phone.

The method is very simple and straightforward, just open YouTube website using browser, login to your account and the menu is there.

If you have any problem regarding this issue, don’t hesitate to comment down below.

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