Useful Keyboard Shortcuts to Navigate Facebook

Here is the list of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for Facebook. Easily navigate your Facebook home page with simply pressing the appropriate button using your keyboard.

Did you know that Facebook has keyboard shortcut feature for desktop? You can scroll between news feed, like or dislike, comment or share story.

This feature obviously make you more efficient when navigating Facebook, rather than using mouse.

If you are looking keyboard shortcut here is the list

Facebook Keyboard Shortcut List

Facebook Keyboard Shortcut list

Facebook Keyboard Shortcut

  • ? – To show list of keyboard shortcut dialog at bottom
  • J – move to next feed
  • K – move to previous feed
  • P – to create new post
  • L – to Like or unlike highlighted post
  • C – to comment on selected post
  • S – to share selected post
  • O – to open attachment of post
  • Enter – to read more of selected post
  • Q – to search contact of your messanger
  • / – to begin search

Keyboard shortcut above can be applied in general while using Facebook on desktop regarding what browser or device you are using. However for particular browser and device, Facebook also offers another alternative shortcut.

Facebook shortcut for Firefox on PC

I have tested some of working shortcut below

  • Shift + Alt + 2 – to show your profile
  • Shift + Alt + 3 – to show your friend request
  • Shift + Alt + 5 – to show your notifications
  • Shift + Alt + 9 – to show Facebook term and policies

Conclusion: Facebook Facebook Shortcut

Work efficiently using keyboard shortcut on Facebook rather than using mouse. This feature allows you to navigate easily between post, like or unlike, share, create your own post, search etc.

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