Netflix Error Code S7706 on Mac (Solved)

Here is  how to fix Netflix error s7706 code on Mac. A simple step by step guide with pictures for you to solve S7706 Netflix error on your Safari.

Netflix S7706  error code appears only for Mac user when trying to open Netflix using Safari browser. This due invalid data request caused by corrupted data and cookies stored in the browser.

The error often followed by this message:

Netflix Error message on Safari browser

Error message on Safari browser when trying to reach Netflix

If you are here due the same reason, then you came to the right place. I’m going to solve your problem by following this guide below.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code S7706 on Mac

Since the problem lies on previous corrupted data stored in Safari browser, then you have to remove it manually. Here is how:

(you can click the image to enlarge)

  1. On your browser, select “Safari menu” then “Preferences”

    Netflix Error Code S7706 - Safari Preferences

    Preferences Menu Safari

  2. Next, click on “Privacy” tab

    Netflix Error Code S7706 - Privacy

    Privacy tab on Safari

  3. Under “Cookies and website data”, select “Details” or “Manage Website Data”

    Click “Details”

  4. Now, on the search form, type “netflix”. Once the result appear, select it then click remove button

    Remove netflix site data on browser

  5. After deleting the Netflix data from browser, you have to force quit the Safari
  6. To force quit, click the Apple button on top left windows screen, then select “Force quit Safari”

    Force quit safari

  7. Now, confirm your selection then hit force quit

    Confirm Force Quit Safari

That’s it. Now, you can relaunch your Safari Browser then access Netflix without anymore error S7706 on your Safari Mac. If you have any other question related to this problem, don’t hesitate to comment down below.

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