(Fix) Social Club Failed to Initialize error code 1001 GTA 4

GTA 4 users complaining about an error that occurred recently when trying to launch their game. The error says

“Social Club Failed to Initialize error code 1001. Press Yes to view an online support article to help resolve this issue. Press No to exit”

Error message on GTA4

Social Club Failed to Initialize error code 1001 on GTA4

Rockstar as GTA developer surely aware about this issue since many players have been trying to get the solution by reaching their customer support.

On Reddit especially, they have posted this issue and many users facing the same problem. “It worked well yesterday and now it stuck. This gave me an headache”, one of the user said.

Fortunately, there is a solution for you as suggested by one of the forum member. And you can use this workaround to temporary fix 1001 error code and play your GTA4.

How to fix Social Club Failed to Initialize error code 1001 GTA 4

This is an easy workaround to temporary solve the error. All you need to do is to change your system date to previous day or week before May 29th  2020. For PC Windows user, here is how to change your system date and time:

  1. Right click the clock on your taskbar then select Adjust Date/Time

    Adjust Date/Time

  2. Now, make sure you turn off “Set time automatically” and “Set time zone automatically”. Once you turn off ,the Change button will be enabled under “Change date and time”. Now click Change

    Change Date

  3. Next, you can choose to change the day, month or year to previous date. Change to a week before is recommended.

    Change date to previous week

  4. Done. now you can re-launch your GTA4 without facing the same error.

Same method also work for another device such as PS4, Mac etc. By simply changing the date to previous week will solve your problem.

This tips is a temporary issue, you may keep following the news and feedback from the official Rockstar. for now, just wait for them to patch the error.

Max Payne 3 also facing the Social Club 1001 Error Code

One member also found that beside GTA4, Max Payne 3 also having the same issue. The game unable to launch giving the same message.

Reddit user complaining about Max Payne error 1001

And to solve this problem on Max Payne 3, you can use the same method as above.

For now, this is the best method out there while waiting for Rockstar to fix Social Club Failed to Initialize error code 1001 on GTA4 and Max Payne 3. Hope this helps

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