How to Adjust Left-Right Audio Balance In Windows 10

Here is how to adjust audio balance for any playback devices; speaker, earphone left-right in Windows 10

Got one of your speaker device broken and result in unbalance audio left or right? There is an easy way to solve this in Windows 10.

If you are here to fix that problem, then you come to the right place. Here am going to give you simple step tutorial how to adjust balance audio in Windows 10.

How to Adjust Audio Balance In Windows 10

Follow steps below

  1. Right click on “Volume icon” on your bottom right taskbar, then click “Playback devices

    Open playback device

  2. Now, select your active speaker/earphone device then click “Properties

    Select device

  3. On a new pop up window, then click on tab “Levels

    Select “Level” tab

  4. Then click “Balance” button on the right side

    Balance button

  5. Another small windows will pop up, now you can adjust the speaker audio left or right using the slider.

    Slider to adjust speaker audio

  6. Adjust the audio while playing any sound such as music to get the best result.

Wrapping up: How to adjust audio balance right and left speaker volume in Windows 10

Windows 10 allows you to adjust balance your audio output devices. This feature It is useful in particular situations.

Such as when you have a broken speaker or earphone device in one side. Or you installed a different device for each right and left speaker on your system.

That is how to adjust balance on your speaker in Windows 10. Hope this helps.

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