Got Fake GPU? Here is How to Check

Have a doubt about whether your GPU is fake or genuine? Here is a simple way to check it. You can identify quickly and get detail information about your GPU.

GTX 1050 Ti Genuine vs Original

GPU GTX 1050 Ti Genuine vs Fake

In recent years there have been found various fake GPUs circulate in the market. Mostly, they replicate some popular GPUs brand such as Nvidia or Radeon, and it comes with low price, ridiculously cheap price.

Here is one example of GPU (Fake) sold in amazon

Fake GTX 1050 GPU sold Online

Fake GTX 1050 sold Online

You can tell that is almost impossible for a brand new GTX 1050 series comes with as low as 50 Euro. As the official price at this time is around 170 Euro.

For a brand new item, it is easy to conclude, however it will be another case if you bought second hand GPU. Which mostly comes with lower price.

Then how you determine whether it is fake or genuine GPU?

If you are in doubt about your GPU and want to identify it, then you come to the right place. Here I am going to show you simple way to answer your question.

How to Identify Fake or Genuine GPU

To detect fake GPU you need the latest version GPU-Z. This small tool offers you capability to identify whether your GPU has been tampered or not.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Download GPU-Z from its official website
  2. Then run GPU-Z (no installation required)
  3. Wait for a secs, and it will display all information about your GPU
  4. If your GPU is genuine, you will see the brand logo at the top
    Genuine GPU

    Genuine GPU

  5. Otherwise you will see [FAKE] written before the name of GPU and exclamation mark logo. Which indicate that your GPU is fake
    Fake GPU

    Fake GPU

Done, so what is your result?

Conclusion: How to Check Fake GPU

Using small tool such as GPU-z, you can instantly identify whether your GPU is fake or genuine. By simply download and run it on your system, it will give you the answer right away.

Not limited to detect Fake Graphic Card, GPU-Z also gives you tons of detail information about your GPU. The release date, memory size and type, clock etc.

If you have any question, please comment down below.

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