3 Best Ways to Speed Up Windows 10 (2020)

Here are 3 tips how to speed up your Windows 10 operating system. Simple tweaks to improve the performance of your Windows PC or laptop.

Overtime, you will get your Windows 10 system is getting slower and slower. This case occurred when your system is crowded with various unneeded residual data from previous installed apps.

Working with slow system will affect your productivity and waste your time in a longer period. Hence, you need to get rid off the root problems immediately by simply tweaking your Windows 10.

Here is how to do it:

Speed up Windows 10 operating system performance

1. Disable unneeded start-up programs

  • Open Task Manager by right clicking the taskbar then select Task Manager
    Open task manager via taskbar

    Right click-Task manager

  • Now click Start-up tabs, then select the app from the list and click Disable button at the bottom
    start-up programs list in windows

    Disable start-up programs

2. Remove unneeded pre-installed programs

  • Open Start Menu by pressing Windows key
  • Start type Apps & Features. Then click on the result
    search and open Apps & features using start menu

    Search Apps & features

  • Now, select the program on the right side then click Uninstall

    Uninstall pre-installed apps

    Uninstall featured app

3. Perform Disk Clean Up to remove junk files

  • Open Windows Explorer by pressing Windows key + e button
  • Now, right click on the drive you want to clean then select Properties

    Open Disk clean up explorer

    Right click-properties

  • Next, click Disk Cleanup
    Disk clean up feature

    Click Disk Clean Up

  • Once opened, check list the files you want to delete
    Disk clean up select files to delete

    Select the files to delete

  • Finally, click OK to start removing the files

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