Switch to Draft Post on WordPress and Impact on Google Search Index

What actually happen when your published post switched to draft on WordPress? And how does Google search index will threat your post? Keep reading

You may wondering the answer what the effect drafted content on Google search Index. Then lets start from what these menu buttons do.

Publish Button

Clicking the Publish button will save your Page/Post and publish it on your website. Any one with the link can view the content.

What Google Search do after you publish the post?

If your post allows Google to index, it will be processed when the spider bot crawls and visiting your website. The time needed for your post indexed is varied, it may takes as quick as 30 minutes or days. Once indexed, your post will appear on the Google Search.

When publish button clicked, it will also trigger the update on the sitemap. If you have sitemap plugin such as on Yoast feature, the post URL that you just published will be listed on the sitemap, including the images link.

Switch to Draft Button

Switch to Draft button only appears when you already published your post. This button will unpublished your current post and change it to draft.

Your sitemap will also update the content and remove post link from the list.

What Google Search do after switch to draft the post?

At this current state, your post will give anyone who visit with the link an 404 error code or page not found. However, if you already logged to your WordPress and visit the link you will see the content.

In other words, post that is Switched to Draft only accessible for logged user (you). And since its password protected, Google wont be able to crawl the content.

And after sometimes it will be removed from search index and no longer appear on search. The time to remove index from Google usually takes longer than when Google index your post.

This to ensure whether 404 error code is deliberately done by user or accidentally caused by other reasons such as your website is down, or under maintenance.

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