Read Aloud Website Page Using Text-to-Speech Feature on Google Assistant

Learn how to use text-to-speech feature from Google Assistant to read website page to be spoken aloud. A new text-to-speech that rolled in the latest update Google Assistant for Android.

Read Website Page Aloud using Google Assistant

Google Assistant has been updated and added a new useful feature capable of reading text aloud or text-to-speech for websites. This feature allows you to laid on your back while listen to website page on your browser being read aloud.

Whether you are reading online book, novel online or any other text material on website, this feature will be a great help for you. You wont be troubled from holding your phone anymore and suffer from eyesore.

Google Assistant text-to-speech available in more that 42 different languages. This will become huge win accessibility to anyone, moreover you can learn a new language.

If you want to use this feature, follow tutorial step by step below.

How to Use Text-to-Speech Google Assistant  to Read Aloud Web Page

Follow easy steps below to read web page on your browser(Android Chrome, Opera etc).

  • Start browsing using your web browser and open a page.
  • Hold “Home” button on your phone to start Google Assistant.
  • Then Say “Hey Google, read it” or “Ok Google, read this page”
  • Google Assistant will start reading out loud the page while highlighting words.
  • If you want to use another language, Google Assistant allows you to translate the page before reading. You can switch to another language such as France, Spanish, Japan and soon.

    Google Assistant available language translation

Unfortunately this feature not yet available for iOS user and limited to Android. You have to wait for the developer to announce the release for iOS/iPhone.

See video below for further information

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