How to Turn Off Windows Defender Real-time Protection in Windows 10 (with pics)

This how to turn off Defender antivirus real-time protection in Windows 10. Simple guide with pictures to prevent your app forcefully deleted by Defender

Real-time protection from defender scans any possible threat as they found in your Windows 10. It prevents your PC from running malicious software by quarantine and delete it immediately.

However, this feature has its drawback, sometimes Defender detects your non-malicious app and delete it forcefully. To avoid this, you have to stop the real-time protection temporarily. Here is how

Step by step Turn Off Windows Defender Real-time Protection

Step1. Open Start Menu by pressing Windows button

Step2. Then, type Windows Defender Settings then click on the result

Windows defender setting via start menu
Windows defender setting via start menu

Step3. Now, on the right side, click turn off real-time protection. Done

Disable Defender real-time protection
Disable Defender real-time protection


To prevent Defender antivirus from deleting and preventing your app to run, such as patch that likely treated as malicious app. Then you have to turn off real-time protection feature temporary.

With simple steps explained above, you can easily stop it, and get your thing done in a sec. Comment down below if you encounter any problem

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