What Song is This? How to Identify Song Instantly

Here is how to easily recognize a playing song near you. Tips to identify what the song called, title, lyric, the artist, and get information detail instantly.

Sometimes when you hear a beautiful song and unable to identify it, you will ask your friend. But what if there was no one around or your friend also unable to recognize the song?

Fortunately, there are ways to solve your problem, Here I am going to show you the best ways to recognize song quickly and get the detail information about it. What’s the song title, song lyric and also the artist.

1. Using Song Identifier Apps

Song identifier app will solve your problem. You will able to identify a song by simply locate your phone near the song source. And then let the app handle the rest. Here are the best apps for you:

• Shazam

Shazam is one of the most used app to identify songs. It has hundreds millions search monthly from more than 200 millions users world wide.

Shazam is a free app that developed for multi platforms and devices. It is available for your Android, iPhone, iPad and Desktop including Mac & Windows.

This app offers you many useful features to quickly and accurately recognize any song. Not limited to the information about the song, with simple tap you will able to get news about it, related track and even live-stream option.

Shazam Features:

  • One tap song recognition
  • Play the music along with the lyric
  • Identify a song even offline
  • Song preview and comment
  • Easy sync to other devices
  • Share tag and link to popular social networks such as twitter, Instagram

Download Sazham

Sazham is available for various devices, such as iPhone, Android, Mac. You can download it from official website below

Visit Download Page

How to use Sazham to identify song

  1. Once you download Sazham to your device. Open it
  2. Now, get your microphone device near to the source of the song. Then tap to start listening
    sazham listening

    Sazham listens to the song source

  3. Sazham will immediately identify the song and show you the result
    Sazham song result

    Song identified by Sazham

  4. If your phone is offline, Sazham will show you the result after you are online


One simple tap to discover music information around you. SoundHound offers you many key features to identify all kinds of song.

Similar to Sazham, by simply let your device listen to the music source, SoundHound able to recognize the playing song. Or, you can just humming or play part of the lyric using tones you remember. Then let the SoundHound do the rest.

After you find the song you can start to play the music along with the lyric.

SoundHound Features:

  • Simple one tap to discover song info instantly
  • Able to recognize by humming or sing part of song
  • Play the musics and sing along with lyric
  • Allows you to save your search and musics history
  • Share your music discovery
  • Available for multiple devices

Download SoundHound for Android/iPhone

Downloaded by 100M users in Play Store and positive feedback with 4.6 point review from 833.000 worldwide users. Here is official link for SoundHound

Visit Download Page  

How to use SoundHound to Identify Song

First Method:

  1. Open your app, then get near to the sound source.
  2. Tap to start listen. In seconds, SoundHound will accurately identify the song for you

• Second Method:

  1. Open your app, then tap to listen
  2. Start humming or play part of the song with correct tones you remember
  3. SoundHound will show you the song info instantly.
  4. This method less accurate, humming depends on how you perform with the correct tones




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