Zoom Error Code 105 (Fix)

Zoom is one of the most popular video teleconference app around. This app mostly used for online meeting and online class.

Though Zoom suffered from a security issues in previous months, this app is still widely used by various users background.

And now the last issue occurred on Zoom, an error code 105. If you are facing the same problem, here is how to fix it.

What Causes Error Code 105 in Zoom?

An 105 error is not exclusively occurred in Zoom.  While ago105 error also happened on Steam Website, one of the biggest game distributor.

This error occurred when the connection between your browser and the Zoom server is having issues.

And the  most common causes from client side for this error are:

  • Your connection is unable to resolve the DNS of Zoom website (DNS setting)
  • Slow internet connection.

How to Fix Error Code 105 in Zoom

Restart your router

This is basic but handful for any connection problem that occurred. Sometimes a quick re-initialization of the Internet Router can solve these issue.

Therefore, you can just turn off and on the router to make sure every is refreshed and stop unstable connection. To do this, plug out your router power chord, and wait for 1 minute the turn it on again.

Flush DNS on Your System

For Windows user:

  1. Press Windows + R button to start Run
  2. Type “cmd” then enter
  3. You will see command prompt windows displayed. Now type ipconfig /flushdns then enter
  4. It may take a few seconds. Once done, you can revisit Zoom and give a try.

Use Google DNS

Google provides reliable DNS that you can use. Here is how

  1. Right click connection icon on your taskbar, then click “Open Network and Sharing Center”
  2. Then, select “Change adapter setting”
  3. Right click on your current active adapter connection, then select Properties
  4. Now, select “Internet Protocol Version 4 TCP/IPv4” then click Properties button
  5. Lastly, enter as your new DNS. Then click OK

Conclusion: Zoom Error 105 Fix

There are some reasons causing an error 105 on Zoom. DNS issue, slow internet connection. You can try to solve this problem by restarting your connection, flush DNS and change your adapter DNS.

If the error not occurred in Zoom end, those solutions are the best for you.  Hope this help

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